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Campus Oil is constantly monitoring oil price changes so that we can offer low fuel prices to our commercial oil customers.

EasiPay Plan

What is EasiPay?

EasiPay is a budget programme designed to allow our customers to manage their home heating oil payments.

What are the benefits of EasiPay to me?

With our EasiPay plan there are lots of benefits:

  • Competitive prices
  • Oil delivered as you need it
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • No interest charges
  • No administration fees
  • Promotion prices when applicable

How does EasiPay work?

Home heating oil customers can spread their payments evenly over a 12 month period from Sept to the following August. The agreed monthly payment will ensure that payments are spread evenly with the balance cleared by the end of August. You can join anytime. Your monthly payments will be adjusted for the time period involved. Our customer service team will be happy to discuss a payment plan suited to your needs.

What about new customers to EasiPay?

If you are ordering oil for the first time, we will ask you for a deposit.  All future payments will be spread evenly over the agreed time.

How much do I pay each month?

A minimum monthly payment by Direct Debit is recommended, however your payment may be higher depending on your oil consumption during the EasiPay year. The monthly payment will be agreed with you along with any recommended changes along the way. Your account will be debited on the 25th of every month.

Terms and conditions apply

Download EasiPay form here

Greener Environment

Support Your Environment

In support of a greener environment and as part of our Customer Service Programme, our standard procedure is to issue invoices by email in PDF format.

This service will ensure that your invoices and statements are received in a more prompt, efficient and secure manner. It also allows for both invoices and statements to be sent to more than one recipient.

If you have an account with us, and would like to sign up to this service please complete the fields below. We will  notify you by email when the service has been set up for your account.


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